A lot has happened in the Hall lab!

  • Alexandreana Cocroft successfully defended her Biology MS thesis, “Neighborhood Ethnicity is Related to Occupancy of Mammals Across a Diverse Metropolitan Area”, and she’s now working for the US Forest Service as a wildlife scientist.
  • Kaidence Lewis-Quan successfully defended her Barrett Honors College thesis, “Predator-Prey Relationships in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica: Community Ecology of Jaguars (Panthera onca)” and graduated from ASU with her B.S. in Conservation Biology & Ecology.
  • Jeff Haight just got his first Ph.D. chapter accepted into the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution!  The title of this paper is “Urbanization, climate, and species traits shape mammal communities from local to continental scales.”
  • Jennifer Ortega has been selected as a summer intern with the Arizona Game & Fish department.
  • … and I am pleased to introduce Morgan Pierce as the newest member of the Hall Lab, who will be advised in the BIO MS program jointly with Dr. Nathan Upham to explore population and community dynamics of small mammals in protected areas across metro Phoenix.