Hall named 2022 President's Professor

Dr. Sharon Jae Hall is named as President’s Professor, one of ASU’s most prestigious faculty honors, for her innovation in teaching, scholarly achievements and contributions and the ability to motivate and inspire students to create original works.


Podcast featuring Dr. Hall on "Sustainable Landscapes"

Listen to Dr. Hall speak about lawns, equity and urban nature, and sustainable landscaping practices on Ep.60 of podcast Sustainability Defined!

Growing Equity in City Green Space

May 21, 2021.  In EOS magazine, journalist Kimberly Cartier interviews Dr. Hall and other experts on the intersection of nature and social justice in urban parks.

“City residents don’t all have the same access to the benefits of green space. Addressing that inequity requires community engagement at every stage from planning to development to management.”

What COVID-19 Means for Scholarly Research

March 22, 2021.  Read an interview with Sharon in ASU News on the impact of COVID-19 and other events of 2020 on the field of ecology and conservation.

It's time for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Life Science

Feb 10, 2021.  Read about the new Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives that we’re working on in the School of Life Sciences at ASU!

RISE UP for Racial Justice: Diversity and Inclusion in Conservation and Ecology

November 2020. Click here to join Sharon and graduate student panelists Miranda Bernard, Edauri Navarro Pérez, and Michele Clark in a discussion titled “Representation in the field: How to bust assumptions about who does conservation biology and make training more inclusive for people of color” (RISE UP for Racial Justice seminar series, Fall 2020).

How the sounds around you could be a harbinger of climate change

Article about collaborator Garth Paine’s EcoListen project in Cronkite News, Arizona PBS

Conservation Biology & Ecology at ASU (1:50)

Hear from Dr. Hall and ASU alumna Jessica Givens about the value of the Conservation Biology & Ecology major in the School of Life Sciences.

EcoListen: Creative Placemaking through Ecology and Community Arts (3:00)

Learn about a collaboration between the Hall Lab, the Parsons Field Institute, and the Acoustic Ecology lab at ASU.

New York Times: The Wild Life of American Cities

Our research featured in the NYT

Sharon J Hall awarded the 2017 Faculty Achievement Award from the ASU Alumni Association (3:52)

Short video shown at the ASU Founders Day Award Ceremony, April 2017.

The Residential Macrosystem

Our work on the American Residential Macrosystem, featured in Anthropocene Magazine